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WiFi-Alert is simple to setup, and once up and running will monitor your temperature data from other WiFi sensor systems for alarms wirelessly using your WiFi. When an alarm is detected, WiFi-Alert uses high-brightness LEDs and an alarm tone to let you know that it has received an alarm message.

Supplied with a wall bracket and a choice of UK, EU and US power adaptors, this device is designed to be plugged into the mains but has a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery in case of a mains failure.

With a choice of 9 different alarm tones this system can be personalised to warn you about triggered alarms how you want. Furthermore, it continues to work when your PC is switched off and has a configurable auto-mute function.

Product Facts:

Temperature Operating Range0°C ~ +40°C
Size97.3mm (H) x 71.3mm(W) x 30.52mm(D)